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For dense or tough materials, when thickness eliminates the use of blades or when time is short, and spaces are tight or awkward, wire cutting is your solution.

This method is appropriate for projects like nuclear decommissioning, steam generator replacement, retrofitting locks and dams, controlled demolition, modifications to bridges and piers, and many others. Wire cutting is suitable when you require a clean, precise cut through steel: plates, rebar, beams, and heavily reinforced concrete structures.

We meticulously plan each cut ahead of time to yield the best result. Using a diamond-studded, multi-strand cable, we minimize cost and time while delivering maximum precision and safety. The flexibility offered by this method means we can perform your work above- or below-grade and underwater, with minimal vibration, dust, or other undesired effects on the environment or cutting surface. Another added benefit to this cutting method is it doesn’t produce over-cut corners; this is a time-saver as there is no need to pause for reworking corners.

Diamond wire cutting is a versatile and cost-effective choice for the most challenging jobs. The overall value of consistently precise performance helps you deliver the best work possible to ensure customer satisfaction.